General Arts

General Arts is one of the favourite programmes in the above mentioned institution.  It is a programme with the highest number of students.

Students of Juaso Senior High School have devoted much interest in the programme because of its job opportunities  after a successful graduation.

The department constitutes subjects as social studies, Elective Mathematics, Government, Geography, Economics, Christian Religious Studies, Twi and Literature.  All these subjects deal with societal issues.

The school has five streams for each class, that is SHS 1 (A –E),

SHS 2 (A – E), SHS 3 (A – E) and SHS 4 (A – E).

The numerical staff strength handling the above mentioned subjects are twenty.  Most  of the teachers are professional graduates with a few non – professional graduates.

The following subjects alternate

  1.  Twi, literature and Elective Mathematics.  The above was introduced to the first years students this year.
  2. Geography, CRS, Elective Mathematics – this also was introduced to the second years, third years and the fourth years.

The WASSCE academic performance is encouraging.  Two years ago, social studies recorded 96.25% Geography recorded 72.13% pass, Government scored 95% pass, Economics scored 91.94% pas CRS also recorded, 72.34 pass and Elective Mathematics scored 42.9%.


  1.  Teaching and learning materials for the various subjects in the department are inadequate.
  2. Most of the social studies teachers did not read social studies at the Universities.

To conclude, the department has a lot to offer to the school as well as the nation.